product detailsEnchilada Sauce seasoning packet (McCormick) - 1.5 oz
Price $2.09
product detailsLinguini noodles (Barilla) - 16 oz
Price $1.99
product detailsPotatoes, Instant (Idahoan), assorted varieties - 4 oz pouch
Variety: roasted garlic
Price $1.69
product detailsPowdered Dip Mix (McCormick) - packet
Variety: Ranch - 1 oz
Price $1.85

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One of the greatest challenges our generation will face is finding a high quality food supply for our children and their children to come. The effort to clean up our food supply has been spear-headed by Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama has recently joined forces with Wal-mart to promote healthier foods with less processed foods, sugars, and empty carbs.

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Many Americans have tried to lose weight unsuccessfully. Fad diets and impossible to manage routines can leave dieters feeling plump and frustrated. In some cases dieters gain more weight than they had before the started the diet. So what's the solution?

Permanent diet changes with regular exercise and proper nutrition are the only feasible long term answers. The Paleo Diet has become popular among fitness enthusiasts for its ability to provide enough nutrition to maintain high energy levels while training. Most fitness professionals agree that supplements are also a vital part of the plan. The 24 day challenge by Advocare is a healthy way to lose weight. By restricting calories but maintaining proper nutrition you can lose weight with ease, and feel good doing it.

More and more grocery stores are turning to high quality organic and whole foods. The search for top notch nutrition will continue, and here at we'll try to make it easier for you to find out more about grocery delivery, nutrition information, and health and wellness. We also offer an online grocery list builder, to help you remember what's at the grocery store and create your list online!
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